Project Management
Keep track of your projects for each client. New tickets can be created inside of projects to help organize the work that needs to be done. This also helps provide metrics such as the percentage complete.

Projects are also a great way to logically group

A ticket represents an item of work that must be completed. It can belong to a project, be a general to-do item for a client or be internal for work you need to do for your own company (create proposal, submit RFP, call John).
Using tickets to track work provides a single point of communication. You no longer have to receive requests by e-mail, text message, scribbled on a napkin, jotted down notes in a meeting, etc...
The notes section keeps everybody informed of the progress so you can cut down on the number of phone calls checking on status.

Status Workflow
We start you off with Pending, In Progress and Complete status', but we know not every company is the same. You can create your own status' that make sense for your company/industry and put them in the order you'd like.

Control the flow... Don't change your business process to fit a software package, let Relayd™ accommodate you. You have the flexibility to create a workflow to control the life-cycle of a ticket. Maybe when a ticket is first received, you allow it to either be Scheduled or Complete. Once it becomes "Scheduled", you may want it to be either Pending, In Progress or Complete.

E-mail's are used to notify employee's and clients about new tickets or updates to existing tickets.

Let Relayd™ keep everyone informed as soon as something changes to streamline the communication portion of every task.

You can use the system to track internal projects you're working on or keep your clients in the loop as well. This will help you quickly see the work you have for each client and provide transparency for your clients into the status of your work.

Collaborate more effectively by attaching documents to your tickets. These documents will remain with the ticket providing a reference/storage location for you to archive information regarding past work.