We want to make sure you have a great experience using our software. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please drop us a line at You might find answers to some of your questions right here on this page. Check out our FAQ and Videos below.

Release Notes

Check out our Release Notes to see what improvements we've been making.


What happens after I reach my free ticket limit for the month?

Your customers will not know you have reached your limit and you will still receive an e-mail when they create a ticket. You can either wait until the end of month and the ticket will be available or you can upgrade to a paid plan to remove the monthly ticket limit.

This is ALMOST the perfect system for me. I just need it to...

The Relayd™ platform is designed to accommodate nearly any small service-based business so we have opted out of adding industry-specific labeling, functionality, etc... By keeping the system loose and flexible, more people can benefit from using enterprise-level software for a small monthly fee.

If you require certain functionality for your business that Relayd™ does not currently offer, please let us know your requirements at Who knows, maybe you're not the only one who might need that feature as well. If we decide it may add value to other customers, we may decide to add it into the release cycle as an enhancement.

How long do I have to sign-up for Relayd™?

There is no minimum commitment to use Relayd™. As long as you find value in our product, we hope you will continue to use it. Feel free to stop at anytime.